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Note from Ava: I promised myself I wouldn't write a love song, but...
Tom and I wrote the main theme together, and I revamped it and arranged it to also include a cello and flute. The choice of instruments was deliberate - the cellist and the flutist are a young couple I know. I wanted the song to be a "duet of couples" as well as a "couple of duets." So the cello and I follow similar lines and the flute and Tom follow similar lines. Ultimately, it resolves to the voices going off their own way and the cello and flute going off their own way.
We recorded the album version on Valentine's Day weekend, 2019.


Modeled after the traditional style of pottery, Kintsugi aims to capture the same message of resilience and rebuilding in sonic form.


In Ancient Japan, broken ceramics were repaired with brilliant lacquer, mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The message was clear: breakage and repair were considered an inherent part of an object, and to be worn as a badge of courage.
In this piece, shards of the melancholy Japanese cradle song, the Takeda Lullaby, are rephrased from D minor to C major; it is further brightened by the new lyrics, though the Japanese words can be heard underneath the descant in verses two and four.

Note from Ava:
This song is dedicated to my father, who helped to instill this mindset in me. I have countless memories of him saving items - and even wayward animals! - that others would consider too damaged, and discard. Admittedly, I sometimes tease him about this trait; but I endlessly admire his steadfast optimism. I wholeheartedly adopt his motto, "Sauers are makers, not breakers."


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